Thursday, February 23, 2012

Archimedic implications

Any object, wholly or partially immersed in a fluid, is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object.

— Archimedes

i.e. the body suffers from an apparent loss of weight equal to displaced weight of liquid when wholly partially immersed in fluid. This generates law of floatation and thus law of sailor’s life.

We lose something ,apparently, every time we sail . We lose land fun, we lose quality moments, some of us lose love, and most of us suffer from an apparent loss of character. I believe, we lose almost as much as we displace. Thousands of tons of water. Subtract a gain of money and add apparent risk, divided by on board fun and multiply it by workload.
We have a perfect equation here.

So why do we end up here?Why do we join sea at the first place?? There are few of the reasons
1.Promising money
2.Probability of visiting new places
3.some childish urge of adventure
4.Love of sea and heritage associated (particularly for coastal people)
5.A notion of being standalone among peers
6.(and to be honest) Sometimes a thought that this is probably best chance being offered given the academic excellence of school days .

Everyone may have a different ratio of above reasons.We have our unique cocktail of reasons and so is the hangover and high later on.The possibility that we are going to lose a lot doesn't strike our head by that time. Should we, the sailors, be sad about it.

Perhaps not. It was apparent loss, remember??
We lose some of regular land fun. But do we? How many of people who work on land go everyday outside and do something that we keep on imagining about while at sea. And do we not beat them like a zillion times when we dock ourselves after a contract. Let alone the shore leaves that most of us get (yes, some like me have a bitter experience on that part.)And lets not forget the on-board fun.

The apparent loss of some character in a society of hypocrites??Who cares!!!
I wish people outside could understand how just and sweet we are. Among us you can be a good sailor or bad sailor (in term of competency) but as long as you are honest with your fellow shipmates, we don’t judge you on fine fabric of morals.We listen to our conscious and don't prefer to impose it on others. And yes, there are people who don't fall in line of that character but then which profession doesn't have them?

Yes we do lose some moments. We might float our Dewali ,submerge our Christmas, wet our New year and sink our valentine in sea without our family and date but then the feeling that we are doing it for them makes it pleasantly bearable.

Yes we lose some of general knowledge but it’s mostly our own fault. You know, those who want to keep up with rest of world can always take a look at those E mail newspapers and some of us keep a blind eye. There is always a lot of time to catch up once we are off.

And there comes the terrible breakup. Oh it’s bad. I won’t deny that. But isn’t it just an eye opening concept in itself???(Though I know we would rather prefer to keep our life in sweet lies but Plato insisted on pursuing the truth and I am willing to go with that, given my options!!!)

Still it’s true. No matter how apparent this is, it stings at all level. We do feel bad. We do feel at loss sometimes.
What to say. It’s a lot of exposure to truth along with lot of work pressure.
But then it gets compensated with an 18-till-I-die attitude, some great experiences, some great stories and some green bucks in our pocket.

ultimately, I would like to insist that it’s neither a provocative write up to inspire someone to join us nor a disheartening one to push new joiners away. It’s a bit of our life that is true.Sometimes we lose a bit of place on land but we get a place in oceans for that.
Those, whoever join seas, always take their own decisions. They might have had some wrong conception in beginning and there are lots of misleading stories for this profession too but they chose the high seas.It's a lot of perks with tons of troubles.Let us keep in mind thousand courses and certifications and examination with a social image of a careless layman. But then it’s like the opportunity given to Neo in movie Matrix. You can either choose blue pill or red pill with the limited knowledge you have and whatever comes up later on....Deal with it like a sailor.

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