Saturday, February 11, 2012

Awkward!! love it

Remember When you laughed with laughter track and your friend, who just like you missed the joke, asks you “what he said??” . The feeling of "what to do next?".

Among many other feelings, feeling awkward is somewhat underrated. It’s not the most beautiful love, it’s not the dreaded fear. It’s not the deep sadness or profound loneliness. It’s neither respected nor consoled. Neither enjoyed nor condemned. It stays alone, neglected.

Having said so ,I can’t stress more that awkward moments are just around the corner. Anything and everything can become awkward like orange pants, if timing is right(or wrong??). your fun Punjabi ringtone buzzing at a wrong place, few drops of water wetting you pants absurdly, your style icon smoke clouding in front of long lost uncle, having a 500 rupee note for a metro ticket counter, your friend typing queen’s language on a chat when your mother is standing behind you, your recent items on computer, your recent SMS to your Ex. , your over reaction, your under reaction, your no reaction, your yes reaction, God the list is long!!! Everything can become awkward. Why hell, even appreciating SRK is awkward these days.

And yet it’s left alone. No poem for it, no likes on facebook ,no awww ,no oooo.

What follows awkward, is an equally awkward silence.
Imagine a Govt. officer asking for further action to my CM Mayawati when election commission wants her statue covered (preferably with tarpaulin).yes , I too thought first that inaugurating your own statue would have been awkward in itself but then so many of “madame tussauds” news got me convinced otherwise.

You might be wondering, “okay, yes, we get it but what’s your point?” I almost have no point. I will try to come up with something. Connecting dots, discussing politics and something will come up, you know. And what if I fail to get to a point??Or worse, you don’t get the point. How would that feel????

My point is that I love feeling awkward..not at that moment but I love this feeling per se. Sometimes it vanishes without leaving a trace and yet some other times it makes the most beautiful and witty stories ever. But there is more to that. Even animal can feel happy or sad, angry or mad, love or hate, hungry or constipated but feeling awkward!!No sir.

Awkward it may sound
this is one of those special things that makes us human ..

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