Wednesday, February 22, 2012

End of a loving heart

I prayed the days be longer,
longer be the nights
though it killed me
but it felt so right.

I wanted sometime,
more in everyday.
for I had to look for
a life that went away.

I stayed low,
longer than I thought;
and sank in the darkness,
barely I fought.

I bleeded through eyes,
emptied my soul;
sinking the truths
in drunken strolls.

And hate sank in,
along with some guilt;
crushing me together,
in sleepless quilt.

 beliefs and faiths
and rotten talks,
deceitful promises
and toxic walks.

Nothing stayed right,
nothing seemed wrong.
Yes, i broke down.
I wasn't that strong.

But it's been long
crying and moping,
pretending to all
that i'm not hoping.

I left my bed
crumpled with tears,
came out of closet
though, having some fears.

Yes its not same,
the world I've known;
with all these wounds
and feelings I've grown.

So I left a loving heart,
with a cheerful smile.
its good to be practical
once in a while ..

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