Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Koi nahi yar.

Apart from doubtfully developing attitude, knowledge and skill (our college motto), I most certainly developed some of my never fading friendships during my TMI (Tolani Maritime Institute) time just like anyone else. With a close friendship inevitably flourish some jokes, some jargons, some looks and some feelings which have no meaning out of that confined group.
One such phrase took a breath in my never ending conversations with Deepak Jain (name published accidently) and stayed with us and with some more like us.

You see, we had a lot of problems with us and probably (most certainly) with me. Every now and then something would go wrong, or we would feel that it had gone wrong. I am not sure what started the phrase but I am assuming a bad (relative) grade might be one of the root causes. We would discuss the situation at length and finally one would say “koi nai yar”, and other (the one in problem), with a semi doomed semi understanding semi frustrated semi positive face, would come back with, “koi toh nahi hi”.

If I try to express it in English, it may be: never mind dude, to which other would say: “of course never mind”. Or may be: “who minds”. Perhaps: “it’s implied that I don’t mind”. I am not sure but if you think I did a bad job in translating this, let me know your take on “why this kolaveri di” being told as “why this killing rage girl.”
With my James Bondly careless attitude, my list of “koi nai” situations kept on increasing.
koi toh nahi hi.
I came one day late after vacation, went three days late home in next vacation.
koi nai yar.
Turned my midsem A grade in endsem C and got my ever treasured first E grade.
koi nai yar.
Telephone bills got my defence budget undersized.
koi nai yar.
I have been waiting for a month now for a particular call.
koi nai yar.
Sometimes I had the luxury to say the first line but mostly I would leave out a breath and would say “koi toh nahi hi”.
It’s something like the movie Big Lebowski, when the cowboy Texan tells The Dude to take it easy, he replies, “Dude abides.” Dude abides by definition to take it easy. It’s a matter of principle. I won’t say I ever took my problems very happily or coldly. I was never an alert cautious guy, which I am not very proud of. So I had my periods(pun intended) of trouble .

I don’t believe in all is well and everything has a reason or good will come and similar sounding/meaning sayings. But I have this feeling. “I won’t mind” or I “of course” won’t mind. I am going with a flow of time and trying to get better, worldlier and less lost but at same time I have my moments of glory when I lost what I cherished, lost two cell phones in a row, and waited far too long without a job and similar stories. And when all this happens, we have a say to it: koi toh nahi hi.


  1. yup koi nehi :)

    nice post again and yes i ll go through ur archive.

    one request. add that option of "comment as name and URL" and if possible get rid of captcha. you can always moderate comments :D. at times no blogspot ppl cannot comment because of that captcha. coz u r going to see a lot of comments from me :D

  2. oh i wish i could tell you how much i struggle with technology... now i have to put key words of your post on google to get how to do so..
    thanks for comment again..its so sad that i will be away from blogging a while..will post one explaining all of the time when you hate being a sailor..
    i wish i could keep up with all your future comments..thanks a going to struggle with comment moderation me i hate moderation too..and that captcha is sooo argghhhh...haha..will now all is default...


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