Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Satanic Praises

People are sensitive.Their leaders are very sensitive. On behalf of us they (the leaders) get offended by as much as everything around the globe. Once they get offended (for us), they organize their support to get furious on subject matter and start offending public property and public places by burning news papers, books, posters, banners, tickets, passes, buses, bikes, cars, oil drums, matchboxes, cigarettes whatever can give flash and smoke...whatever comes free or at tax payer’s cost.

Burning hearts and souls, all for the cause.

They will disturb law and order to sustain law and order. They want to protect “not yet offended” feelings of ignorant/innocent people by offending them with abstract and out of context pieces of art and literature and once they have made their point ,they will try to prevent people from writing,painting,filming,dancing,singing,playing,talking,joking,crying,texting,posting,liking,sharing, peeing and flushing, loving and blushing as a proactive/protective measure..

After leaving the painter to die in exile who offended millions of people’s feeling ,most of whom never even watched a photo of his works ever, they have Salman Rushdie on radar.Leaders are scared, The man is trying to attend an event in Jaipur to discuss some literature among other satanic authors of his time. And though his so called controversial book is already banned in India (courtesy earlier movements), leaders have a feeling that law hasn’t done enough to shut his satanic mouth his tongue, glue his fingers with feviquick, fill his pen with solid ink and make sure that we don’t get to know what he can say. By we, I mean those of us who would otherwise want to know and not those who might get offended by some satanic verses by not reading it, like those who got offended by some paintings by not watching it.

God forbid, what will happen if he gets to step in India. People will explode like pop corns in microwave oven, blood on streets will remind us Tomatina, frogs will dance to tune of Prabhu Deva and Shree Santh will win ICC player of the year. Who knows??

At the same time when lakhs of people were demanding for lokPal, same political parties were crying for constitutional integrity and legacy of Gandhi against Anna-black-mail-magic. We have double standards. we have zumbo double standards. XXXL standards. We can behave different on every situation like a particle under Heisenberg’s microscope. You will never know what standard will we apply this time. Principle of uncertainty.

Most of us are indifferent to all this. Who cares!!Rushdie ehhh...booker or bookie or perhaps boogy-woogy...but we all should know one thing. The society lives and learns through art. People dream through art. Difference of opinion is root of progress. We don’t want to look like a church getting angry over a tiny telescope of Galileo!

You can protest ,you can criticize, you can write against or in favour, you can ignore, you can snore. But please stop killing freedom of speech. And stop killing art in name of feelings. The idea of art is to shift the paradigm, shake the established believes and make us think. In the end..

we,the public,are easily,lethally offended.We have come to think of taking offence as a fundamental right.We value very little more highly than our rage,which gives us, in our opinion, the moral high ground.From this high ground we can shoot down at our enemies and inflict heavy fatalities.We take pride in our short fuses.Our anger elevates,transcends. -Salman Rushdie

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