Wednesday, February 22, 2012

There is a Sailor!!!!!

we are sailors. Though i have just a year's experience at sea and have been sitting at home counting stars for ages after that, still there are moments every day I get to know that somehow land is not a place where I should be found.

People around me are curious. They look at me and think about my eating habits. They have never been with such a creature like sailor. They have questions.Does he have fins? Does he go underwater? And so on. But they can't ask that!!So they follow an age old questionnaire. ”Things to be asked to a sailor as soon as you spot one on land.” It’s never changing. These are the same questions which Columbus had to answer to his/her highness back in England and Sindbaad to future oil owners. Whenever they returned to their home land they had to..Of course all in a good spirit..People are curious.

Q> Where do you work? Worst form of this question is : Where are you posted?

A>Sea, you answer. Now we have awkward.

Person looks at you that you should say more. He is not stupid.He starts thinking "of course you work at sea, you are sailor!!but tell me where do you work??????" And he gives you a look of above mentioned feelings on his face.

Clueless!!!! Want to say what your CDC says “worldwide”....I don’t feel it helps. My favourite answer: South China Sea.

Q>what do you do there?

A> I ummm navi..ummmm gate you know..I drive.

now engineers have this one little easy. But deck officer!!No matter how skilfully you try to put it, you have to come down to “I drive..”Once i explained someone that its a kind of vehicle where accelerator is with engineer and steering is with me!!!Nice one na??

Q> 6 months there 6 months here ehh??

A> Half hearted nodding with a grin.

do you want to get into this you want to explain all different kind of contracts and though you have been sitting on your ass from last 8 9 months but you know it's no where a 6on6soff thing.. but you are too tired to smile..

Q> There are some inappropriate questions in some of the eyes.

A> “No dude “ in your eyes...

doesn’t matter what you have a reputation.

but these all and many more of this sort are fine.The one thats most touching, the FAQ of all time, the one they can’t do without....yea you got it right “when are you leaving??” It’s ironic that the question is asked as soon as you meet someone. Its like people are shocked and sad to see you here. And as you spend more and more time people start losing their nerve. Your neighbours are in doubt and relatives are confused. Your juniors are scared and everyone is in panic “when IS he going!!!!”

That’s the reason why spider man hides under a mask!!!Else every time when he is not hanging on a pole, he is answering someone “when are you hanging??”...For this question I have no answer. I don’t know when am I going but I know one thing that I too want to go...because its far better out at sea...far far better..

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