Thursday, March 22, 2012

Leaving Behind : Part two

And so as i was telling you, I fear that my blog shall have same fate as I do as a seafarer. Last time when I went for sail, I had a funny idea that once I will come back I would join back my life just where I left it. As you can guess it din't work that way.Earth had taken an entire revolution around sun (yes I was on ship for one full year) and lot had changed in between. No, I am not implying that it all came as a shock to me when I landed up back.Every information was coming to me.It's just that you realize the changes when you come back.

I won't go much in detail of it but all I can say is that I lost my place.People kind of get adjusted without you.You sort of cease to exist.Not in hearts of very close.But yes the definition of "close" becomes very conservative..It was a lost sense of belonging.To make things even better , my parents had shifted to a new place and so when I came back home,even that was nothing like home accept for family. I was not sure if peeing on road side was still an option in small cities or not.

So, when I look at my toddler blog and think will it survive, I know my answer.It will survive just like me.All fresh.Bare minimum.To start new.I can post little infrequently but if someone comments and i can't get back to him/her I know I have lost a genuine reader.

"Company is separate than owner"..This is business 101.So I have least sympathy for laffaazz...If it can, it will.I don't think I will get much time onboard to write.I am keeping a copy of wren and martin.I hope I will improve upon my grammar, if at all I get time.I have a strong feeling that from time to time I keep killing English.

Lets see where it goes.Lets see where I fit after this sailing.One thing I have stopped doing is to speculate on future.At the end, standing on bridge of tall ship in front of a vast ocean is the reward of all pain taken.And somewhere I don't feel I am left with much to lose anymore.. first time is the hardest isn't it!!

Lets hope laffaazzi on sea and salts get thicker...Right now am trying hard not to make a philosophical emotional exit..Like father of a bride..holding it with in..ah let it here is the last "laffaazzi" before next time..

Every wave reminds us of the world that forgot us in first wave..

(some ship version of one liners behind trucks and auto!!..let it be :) )


  1. people do get adjusted without you. lovely lovely post. write whenever u have time. don't need to reply back to comments. i m sure ur visitors will understand that u don't have enough internet access. (may be u can mention at the end of each post :D)

    all the best :)

  2. Very good...I can understand what it feels to like to leave for a long time. The way you have described is very poetic. All the best.

  3. a very well written and a very touching sorta post with soe real deep meaning even though written on normal circumstances of lie but its written too well

  4. @debajyoti ...thanks a lot...your comments are very encouraging ... will try to post when and if ever possible...
    wish you all the best for your future posts...

  5. @ hariharan sir thanks a lot..for appreciation and for keeping an eye on my writing..thanks for wishes too..and above all thanks for understanding..

  6. @ alka...thanks a lot..your saying "Well" would be sufficient compliment...but since you added "too" i would take it very thankfully..thanks a lot..:)

  7. @deb in part one technology is simple but the way i understand it is complicated...:D thanks again for taking all the pain..:)

  8. You will be missed (though I haven't read you much and for that I need to feel sorry for myself) but not forgotten...:)

    English is a tricky language, emotions always over power it...

  9. BTW, how we will know you have posted, you don't have any widget to subscribe your posts? Please enable before you leave...


Your laffaazzi!!!