Thursday, March 22, 2012

Leaving Behind : Part one

And so under constant pressure of my parents, I have zipped up my bag after putting six pair of socks along with some other useless things.Socks are important, else how will I respond to my captains appeals, " Pull your socks up Shubham, you are an officer now.Stop behaving like a cadet!"  How do I know about this? Because in my cadet-ship time i have heard similar statements with replacing "officer" to "cadet" and "cadet" to "kid".And then haven't I seen my third officers getting same scoldings? So socks are important.Pull your socks up now as from here on I am going to be bore, informative and sentimental progressively and chronologically.

Oh , in the mean time you might have got some idea of my untimely departure.God bless me, may I rest in piece(deliberate mistake).So I am leaving in two days or so.For my next sail.Going on a ship is sometimes like going on a parallel universe.Especially if the ship is like the one I am joining,who seldom( read never) gets any shore and shore-leave for her staff.I wish I could tell you more about it, but my word limit shall exceed your interest.In short, where I am going, there is a strong likelihood that I would not step out of that ship for next six months.

Now , there is a lot about high market price for technology and technological challenges too that sends us to a communication stone age when it comes to a ship sailing on international waters.Internet is still a luxury not available on all ships and incidentally not on my ship too.Past five years have seen a great leap in advancement of communication technology making it slightly commercially viable for ships.Now phone calls are getting cheaper everyday still a satellite call counts to about 35-50 rs a minute (5 years back, it was about 3 $ per minute as told by my seniors).Internet too has been a bit cheaper and commercially available, but initial installments needs time and money and will ( on company's part).The way I see it, in next five years, internet will be almost on all ships.But by that time, many of us shall depend upon local wi-fi or telephone signals when on ports to update our facebook.

Those unfortunate of us can however send emails.Wait, confused.Ok, I will try to explain.There are service providers and they forward the text from ship to their land based server (previously by HF radio waves now mostly by satellite by ship's equipment), from where it is resend to your Gmail , yahoomail addresses.Same goes when someone send us an email.So this way, we can't open regular web pages, instead we open the interface designed for us and our direct communication is actually with the middle man, the service provider.  This technology is old, but new equipment are expensive and any changes can be done only when ship is in dry-dock( when it comes out of water for repairs and inspections). Once again, broadband technology is available on many ships now, where they can open regular website like facebook just like regular people.

The point here is, I am not sure  how often, if at all, I shall post on my blog.Or check for comment.From my past experience, I have learnt that a bigger part of your life changes when you are gone.I really am not much optimist that my blog shall maintain it existing lovers (if any). I am not going with hopes for it hurts like a shoe bite when they shatter.Looks like my blog is also going to live my life...More on this on next part...


  1. the technology part was quite complicated. moving on to part II

  2. I know how Officers on ship feel about technology. You can't check mail or can't call...Anyways, hope everything changes with time and moving on to the second part.

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