Monday, March 19, 2012

Simply Love

i don't want to talk about it.Really.I mean love and all.Please....

you want to listen?
Let me tell you something, I know everything about it.I know all of it.The true love, the love, the lesser love..the i am not sure love, the i know its not love but i am going to pretend otherwise love, the love-lust, the lust-love, the hate-love, the cute love, puppy love, mature love , facebook love,college love, best friend turned in to lover love,i like you story, i am sorry love...

Yes!! Hilariously, our generation and i am considering the windows generation as our generation, has crapped up this beautiful feeling into a big burger and it's so disfigured that we take ages to realize what we feel. To make things better; our android generation is piling on.

We have confused all this so badly that it's not cool to be in love. Not just "love". This word has lost its meaning.True love is no more a tautology. I can't go and tell someone that I love her and avoid a question, "are you serious?"

ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! What do you think "Love " means. Do you now have to check a dictionary for this word????
So you have to tell it in different ways.
 when someone is in love, one adds "Truly".
Couple ask each other : is this true love?? what the hell is wrong....Why don't you ask if this is love???Drop the "true" for heaven's sake!!

Let me tell you something here...
being in love and being in relation is different.
ending a relation and ending love is different.
wanting someone and loving someone is different.
loving someone and caring is different.
affection is different
every other verb is different than this.
there are no synonyms to substitutes either.
You will define your love.You will find your definition..Love comes with it's definition.

What I think of it??

I feel that sometimes you are just connected to someone.You want to look at that someone in all your important moments....someone who can hurt you like no one else can  and can make you happy like never before.When you will be in love, you will know that contradiction.You may not realize it, but it will be there. You will be the strongest and the weakest simultaneously.You will own and submit.You will loose your identity to regain it.You will be happiest sad person.Everything will make sense and everything will be absurd.
What else will come up with your love depends upon how your relation will turn up.But those feelings and experiences should not be confused with feeling of love.
Happiness or pain, loss of trust or finding paradise, all of these are just other co-related effects.
Your Love is a separate feeling.It will stand alone .It will live alone.
Love can express only itself. It can't make you feel those breeze of  joy or the loneliness or ache for someone all by itself. Many feelings and conditions will surround your love and that will direct your love story.And the events of love story will make you feel other emotion.But not love.
 love is different than  love story.

I can go on about it. But lets just drop it for now...
before parting , I would say just one more thing...only  feeling that comes close in nature to love is hate..If you can understand hate ( now don't confuse it with envy and all) ,you can understand love...
i hate you like i love you....


  1. thanks a ton...its so confusing to write about and words start exploding..its a relief to get a comment like that...i know what "exactly" means and "loved" it..

  2. Laffaazzi on a serious note.. huh.... it wud b much much btr.. if u start one on a samsung note.. hahaa.... nice one.. haha..

  3. Wow you made me reevaluate my position on love. haha. that's a beautiful description of love you have given there!
    but i fail to understand why is 'being in love' so uncool with this generation. why doesn't the love today feels like the love?
    Great write up. I'm loving your blog!

  4. thanks umair....and i dont think its un cool to be in love with my generation..i think its over cool..the word has almost no meaning...

  5. I dont agree with you but still...all the best for your future thoughts..great work.


Your laffaazzi!!!