Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sun signs -part one.the two brothers.

Assuming that there is a God.Some advanced life form who first designed us as a prototype and then sent us in mass production along with million other species.He gave all his designs a subconscious reproduction instinct.You see , God is more of a Research and Development dude.He doesn't want production on his head. Would that assumed God be baffled with the nature surrounding him as much as we are.I mean he must be surrounded by something.Nothing perhaps!!So is he speculating about "nothing" as much as we do about "everything".

Although its very interesting topic to speculate about our God, here I will go little off-course.Lets try to get back to the topic.shall we?

We, the created, became creator of many things.We inherited the itch to do something from our assumed creator perhaps.We kept thinking and observing and finding and speculating and assuming and all possible "- ing" in due course of time and emerged as most powerful yet weak, most beautiful yet ugly, most self contradicting confused curious and bewildered form of life that we have seen so far.Was that scripted too from God?Were we supposed to find out laws and outlaws of nature one by one? Among so far detected life forms, we are ultra creative.Was that in the agenda of God?? Did he actually thought that one day we shall become the unique kind, who could actually make reproduction too as a matter of choice.We even broke that reproduction in two part.The fun and the productivity and God knows how much we advanced in both part separately.Could any other life form do that??We can produce in ten different methods by not even "doing" it and we can "do" it in ten different way without producing anything.

Don't worry we are not yet on topic.You can say that we have just put a foot on the topic and struggling to get on board.Don't forget the premises.We have established here our creativity as created souls.

 Our creativity, or shall I say our creativity as a group, has developed a world around us.A nature with in nature.We had some questions.And its obvious that anything that can raise question shall one day question itself.So soon after we had lit a fire and rolled a tire, we started thinking about the rules that govern us.The possibility of a creator and a path.We felt like an actor in a scripted play with limited choices and we wanted the complete script.We wanted to know what's next so that we can act better perhaps.And thus we always needed a soothsayer.

We created, thus, some of the most creative  hogwash after we created God.Being an agnostic I am not in a position to say that I am created by someone or not.I may be and may be not.But the God that we know is the God we created.And the presence of divine made us believe in presence of a divine plan.Meanwhile scientific discoveries made us aware of some laws and indicated some predictability of life. It's remarkable that the more we learn about nature, the more we tend to complicate our own fantasies.We tend to establish some weird connection between science and superstitions.Its almost similar to the way we connect science to almost any other thing.How about newton's law of action reaction being quoted in places of social issues.Really???Does a guy slapping someone in return is Newtonian action reaction pair!!!

So, although it sounds completely ridiculous, but development in science made some of us even more superstitious at some level. And the best among this lot is astronomy. Its funny that astronomy and astrology grew sounder and heavier together, shoulder to shoulder.Its like two brothers growing up together.The day we first noticed a solar eclipse was the day a demon was created in our little head, who diminished the otherwise hydrogen (not known by then) powered shining God sun.And the day we located some constellations which helped us in identifying relative position of sun with respect to us and thus gave a way to disintegrate sun's apparent path (which was assumed real path by that time), we decided to dissect human society in 12 arbitrary groups assigning them sun signs or zodiac signs..Did you see what just happened at that moment. We saw something on sky and we did something on ourselves.Completely un-related and yet it stood test of time and today if you can see a far distant star from hubble telescope then at the same time you can get a  synopsis and prognosis report of your present and future from internet in a package of horoscope.The two brothers.Completely different in nature, completely different in purpose.
Completely different in the faith they required for their existence.And yet they did grew together.
They did survive together.

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