Sunday, August 26, 2012

very short (love) story

Oh I love the idea of this love story. A boy, who was lost in his own world, sees a girl and just can’t stop himself looking at her ever since. He hovers around pretending that he is simply there for some reason. Everything in his life takes a backseat. He gets up early to catch her morning face, and he waits for night to see her in moon. He moves around her home hoping that no one notices, yet he walks slowly- God let her know I exist!  He doesn't name his feelings, but I know that he has some.

And she stands there. Like the sweetest child of nature. Eyes so lost and smile so beautiful. She also plays her  part quite well. No one knows why she stands there, if not just to catch some air. No one can know, and neither they should. The neighborhood is small, and nothing is personal.