Friday, October 5, 2012

He Who Must Not Be dead :

As soon as I had finished the seventh book of harry potter, I felt a rage followed by a deep sadness for the fall of the dark lord. I was definitely too late to get this news. I couldn't now just pop up in hell and say a howdy to dark lord. I could imagine how disappointed he might be with me. I sat on a chair and started thinking about him. Slowly I went in to the deep memories of our good times.
I and Voldemort had known each other for long time. I was always a huge fan of his dark magic and the way he treated those who came across his way. Of course, he and I were great buddies too for we shared a similar sense of darkness inside.

He had  style, knowledge,skills and guts to do the impossible. And talking to snake in some snake language- How cool was that! Only when I thought that the world was about to know how fascinating Voldemort was; the first harry potter book came out, and all of a sudden everyone started chanting about “The boy who survived”.
No matter what Dumbledore had said, I and Voldy........YES I can call him that but don’t you DARE!! Even after his untimely demise from world, he remains “he-who-must-not-be nicknamed”. So, where was I? Oh yes, No matter what Dumbledore had said, I and Voldy, both knew that killing curse just slipped off from that green eyed bald kid’s butter head. It was just a chance but Dumbledore and J.K. Rowling blew it out of proportion!! And bravo to Warrener Brthoers! They made movies on him!!  “Oh come on bro!” was all that the great dark lord said, when he watched that horrible movie.

I remember once talking to him over a cup of tea on roadside, at a time when second harry potter movie was smashing box offices; he finally hissed in a semi serpent voice, “you know dude, these people just get what they deserve.” “Pathetic!” was all, he could add anymore; and that too with a great effort. I couldn't agree more. People loving a mediocre kid with his horrible friends identically walking and polluting the great wizardry! What’s up with these guys. How could they love the idea of saggy-melted-cheese-like deformed stinking unnecessary goodness being shamelessly portrayed on the faces of three class six idiots? We were so filled with disgust that I called up a 13 year old boy, who was coming back from school with a water bottle rolling on his hand, and slapped his head with utmost contempt. You deserved it boy! You, and all those of you, who think that a 10 year old can challenge the dark lord. “Goodness?” I spat on road, “like that works!”

Voldemort always had a bad temper but there was something in my fiery eyes that he knew he had to calm me down. So, with another order of tea and cigarette he rested his hand on me and started saying something that I really needed to learn. It was a Gita lecture sort of thing. Yes, lord Krishna and Arjun might not be the best fit here, but had there been a Gita-alike situation done between Duryodhan and his chariot, It would have been just like this one. (Pardon me with pleasure if you don’t know much about these mythical legends, I might try to give you references in comments if prompted. But with my limited circle of reader, unlikely the situation shall arise. Alas!)

Lord Voldemort said, “Why are you so upset, O brother!”  ( Yes, he used to go little antique with his tongue when scene demanded it, so ignore his O-brother touch and read in continuation.) “You think good will win ever or,” to my surprise he added, “people like goodness. People, who make difference, are indifferent to any middle-class morally fabricated idea of goodness. And all the rest of them love the goodness as a piece of appreciation in someone else. They will and can never do it themselves. Well, at least most of them. They are not just open like you to appreciate the dark side. And isn't it very difficult to do so? Were you not the text book good boy till the point you saw how little it mattered? Most of the people can’t and will never accept that deep down in their heart they can’t stand goodness. And even if they do, they shall never win. The world will always fall apart. Hearts will always bleed and the dark side will always win. Yes, no one could cast a death spell as good as me, but don’t you see people kill more than any, that i killed without a damn spell? Yes, while reading the harry books, people found my selectivity to pure blood highly disturbing; but in their own life, they always follow some type of separatism. They are always divided by religions, nations, ethnic origins, languages, castes, creeds, colours and many more. Most of the time, even those, who are victim of racism, remain practitioner of the same! And LOVE!! Rowling can roll her eyes a thousand times and try to make people believe that it was love that bounced off my spell from that disgusting Harry; but you open your eyes and tell me, do you ever see love being valued the way this book portrays?”

He took a deep puff, exhaling a thick cloud of smoke he hissed in his cold death like voice,
“It is the idea of goodness that people love. The idea: that good should win. They watch and read things like that and in their own minds good wins every time. But The Dark side wins almost every other day. In their world and in their hearts.”

I opened my eyes and got up from my chair, thinking of a sad world that appreciates fall of such dark wizards but keeps him alive deep inside. I thanked the dark lord for his time that he spent with me and the wisdom that he painted and plastered me with. I smiled at the fools who thought he was gone, for he is one  Who-can-not-be-dead.  


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