Wednesday, October 3, 2012

laffaazz 2.0- the dork knight rises

When I came up with the idea of this blog, I thought it was going to be too good of a humour that overnight I’ll become a name every cyber bug would remember. The reality graced me with kindness sooner than I imagined and I realised I am just too good to be a success. I realised that I was so funny inside that nothing funny could come out. My words won’t do justice to my talent and if anybody needs a proof of work to appreciate me, he might have to wait till his own departure.
There was no way this blog could achieve what I, as a person deserve. Yes you can blame it on the limitation of language.
Sometimes I share the passion of a religious leader, who wants to make others believe on things he believes, without giving reason worth a peanut. “It’s for their own good!!” his mind would scream.  Same way I am more than just convinced with my own greatness, when it comes to my humour, style, and thoughts. I never gave a substantial proof in my write-ups but don't I believe it myself!!

This blog is just the interface between you and my holiness. It may not make you laugh or think or do any good than what you might be doing otherwise in this infinite internet space, but it can bring you in contact with my great spirit and that, my friend, is priceless.
Yet, with so much of self obsession and appreciation, I at some point, got very confused with the direction of my own Laffaazzi. I have to admit that I posted emotionally dense post (equally substandard as the so called funny ones) on a more frequent basis.(Frequent is a relative term here and should be seen in light of overall frequency of my posting). Somehow I mismatched my own concept of laffaazzi. But then, I convinced myself that it’s my blog and I can post whatever double digit decimal round off version of life I see or pretend to see.
However, even with all the respect that I had for my own greatness and for the great cause  of blessing people with my grace that I took in my hand when I first typed down the random, disoriented, free and grammatically challenged bunch of words; at one point, I felt completely over with my blog.
But as my contract is over at sea, and I am free to pollute the holy river of internet wisdom; I thought, “Oh what the heck, Lets write things which will stand useless till eternity.I have nothing more useless to do anyway!!”
So, let’s come to moral of the story.I am back. Even more determined to write as much useless as you can possibly imagine. I will try to make a post ten times more juice less than the sugarcane residuals that our juice vendors finally decide to throw. You will not learn anything from me, and you can’t have a good laugh either. Your heart will never be touched with primitive words like mine and there is absolutely no reason why you should prescribe yourself a dose of a laffaazz  post. Yet, if you are as much determined to waste your time as I am, or you have the same level of respect in my extremely sublime and almost invisible talent as I have; stay tuned.
PS: I am open to a setup where we will appreciate each other’s post without reading them, in a quid pro quo situation. So you go first.
PPS: I am thankful to Saru Singhal, who kept my blog alive at one corner of the world, and more importantly remembered me for reasons beyond my regular understanding. 

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