Monday, October 15, 2012

The Haircut story

I have no set concept about my hair, i.e. I have no fixed hair style. I kind of always improvise on this over-head situation. At any given day, my hair arrangement is a democratic compromise between my wish and my hair’s will. Hair is one of my many not so eye catching attributes. As a matter of fact, I am the only one who gives a second, third and tenth look at my hair. I am mostly as much disappointed with my hair as Superman should be with his. At times people wonder: “What is that deep sadness in my dreamy eyes?” Well, it is actually the disappointment with my disobedient, reckless and uncouth hair. (Somewhat a father-son situation)

Friday, October 5, 2012

He Who Must Not Be dead :

As soon as I had finished the seventh book of harry potter, I felt a rage followed by a deep sadness for the fall of the dark lord. I was definitely too late to get this news. I couldn't now just pop up in hell and say a howdy to dark lord. I could imagine how disappointed he might be with me. I sat on a chair and started thinking about him. Slowly I went in to the deep memories of our good times.
I and Voldemort had known each other for long time. I was always a huge fan of his dark magic and the way he treated those who came across his way. Of course, he and I were great buddies too for we shared a similar sense of darkness inside.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

laffaazz 2.0- the dork knight rises

When I came up with the idea of this blog, I thought it was going to be too good of a humour that overnight I’ll become a name every cyber bug would remember. The reality graced me with kindness sooner than I imagined and I realised I am just too good to be a success. I realised that I was so funny inside that nothing funny could come out. My words won’t do justice to my talent and if anybody needs a proof of work to appreciate me, he might have to wait till his own departure.
There was no way this blog could achieve what I, as a person deserve. Yes you can blame it on the limitation of language.
Sometimes I share the passion of a religious leader, who wants to make others believe on things he believes, without giving reason worth a peanut. “It’s for their own good!!” his mind would scream.  Same way I am more than just convinced with my own greatness, when it comes to my humour, style, and thoughts. I never gave a substantial proof in my write-ups but don't I believe it myself!!