Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Don't behave like......

A few days back HC of Karnataka instructed Army not to behave like a Khap panchayat. Of course Army should behave like Army, but if Army is behaving like anything, wont that makes it Army behaviour. How can army behave like Khap Panchayat? What is army like behaviour and which army is the reference here? But then, when I was told not to behave like a donkey during my school days, didn’t the same problem poured a gallon of confusion over my otherwise happy brain? I didn’t know how a donkey behaves at the first point, and I could never be sure if all the donkeys behave in a choreographed donkey-like behaviour. Which donkey was I behaving like! Had my teacher seen a donkey really behaving that way, or it was more of a second handed knowledge on behavioural patterns of ancient donkey herds?

Monday, November 5, 2012


I am hooked on my TV set. Nibbling my food in oblivion, I am staring at the news channel that is reporting a special “Saas Bahu” report on Karwachouth. There are girls, young ones and old ones, the young ones who are acting as old ones. They have their mothers and mother in laws, and aunt in laws and aunts , grandmothers and maternal, paternal antique relatives all appearing and disappearing randomly. They are covered and uncovered in sarees. Heavy saree and heavier jewellery and heaviest make ups. They are all pretty. They are going for a shoot for the next episodes in which they shall have their fast for on-screen husbands. This is going to happen on all channels so this is a national event. This entire shooting is being shot by news channel, because this is news.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Dilution with nature

When sun is sliding on the green hill,
Cold breeze floating, sending a chill.
In a heaven of beauty, someone is hissing;
A persisting pain for someone I'm missing.

A part of my soul that had fallen apart
The music, the rhythm, the beat of this heart;
I try to look at the beauty of the nature
It has to be here, some place near.

For my feeling were true, and so pretty
The way God must have wanted it to be.
It cant be lost on a dusty road side,
It has to be lost on this hill, beautiful and wide.

I pray to be broken in to pieces so small,
Be lost like a droplet of the greatest fall.
Or lost like one of the hundreds rays of light,
Glittering the peaks for anonymous delight.

I shall die to make a thousand I.
Smiles shall find a way through sigh.
Every incomplete shall complete with in;
Meeting the end where it all begins.

Sitting on the side, on a barren stone.
Meeting the brethren, apparently alone.
Feeling the bond of I and all,
Loosing the self in this magical fall.