Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Prime minister-Demo and Aandhi

The race is on.It's either Demo or Aandhi . They  are running for the top job of the country that I live in. Demo has been running long before he was spotted. He came running from his home to the track, where the race actually started! Aandhi is not running even now but he is walking on the track, some times even backwards. But he is part of race since he is on the track and, instead of not running , he is perceived, as running slow. At times when he is standing, people of means say that he is running with a decent speed of zero.

Demo has been demonised over the decade, as some say . Some say he was just an honest ticket holding passenger of a train. When train ran over some puppy at some point, he was sleeping on upper berth. He feels sad though .But people are not letting go!

Aandhi for most of his life has been perceived dumb. Some say he out performed the dumbest of his class by switching answer sheets just before exam actually started.( good old school days)
Demo has been fairly materialistic and he is always talking about some development. Andhi has been fair ( in his complexion ).
To give credit to Andhi, he has made some speeches that were so deep in thought that some people actually sank and subsequently died.( bless the soul of an attentive listener )

The race, as its clear in the description so far, is not a fair race. On the contrary it is a personal race of two kids not wanting to do what their fathers were doing. It's a teen age passion to do something different. Demo has  done that though he wants more, but Andhi has not so far.He tried hard, yet forces brought him back to family business. Even when he said that power is poison , he was told to drink it with two ice, like the holy Meera  Bai.
Now it's up to people of this country to give this cup of poison to one demon ( as portrayed ) or to one reluctant prince ( apparently), whom we adore for his cluelessness.
At the end, I must add, I wish I had option of a third front, which I could lead myself. Clearly I am not happy either with my family business.

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