Monday, August 19, 2013

Prime time news debate.

I was furious. My head was full of sounds. My room was full of sounds. My stomach was full of sounds. And every sound was being echoed in the tv anchor 's sky rocketing voice - Country needs an answer.
"It does", I thought.
I did not know that before but now I knew.
Like an opera singer , he kept touching higher notes and I kept getting boiled up. My teary eyes could see his, through the pair of glasses that he wore ( often rumoured that he is x man and if he removes his glasses, you will be burnt to death)
He shouted like an army trainer, like a college senior perhaps. He asked relentlessly , furiously. 
Panelist tried to give what they thought was the answer, but anchor was even more furious after every attempt.
Stupid fellows, that they are.
Some tried to look here and there.They wanted to copy the answer, I thought.

He cut them off, nay, he slit their throats by his razor sharp tongue. He and he alone had a right to speak and not get trashed. I was aroused, if you will, by the entire affair and I needed an answer as much an orgasm.
Two fellow could not sing at all to level of this  play, useless buggers. Two asked their own questions! Which all countries needed those answer, I wondered.
The ever updating info-bar at the bottom of my tv screen was adding to enigma. Every corner was filled with colours, pictures, informations, symbols and riddles. No one should ever conclude that I don't appreciate such efforts by news channels. One, who watches news, is a serious person, and not a centimetre of his television screen can be left with out knowledge. 

It was time to take a break, so one could  clean the lens for spit drops, other could do some marketing. Country had to stand its ground ,as the questions could start any time.You can take a piss all your life, not now.
 "Stay tuned" ,he had dictated.
He returned as angry as he had left before.How long I will enjoy my anger, I thought.Will the truth "Come"?Some one 'came' in my room; I couldn't care less . "He ain't no gaaddamn country Asking for answer, is he" a character from Hollywood shouted in my head .

'Country' was getting impatient for answer, and some countrymen were sending tweets to channel for the same.
More shouting. Some one in panel started crying because he did not do his 'homework'. He was consoled by his wife through an SMS delivered promptly by a telecom service at 59 paisa only.He sat quietly afterwards albeit sobbing.

Later that night I came to know that in one other country, people were watching the show and were convinced that our country will not find answer, as they had the answer hidden to their toilets but they would not share it on Facebook , as no one might 'like'. Damn you enemy , your uncles had come in this panel before and they did not bring that answer bag that we needed , I sneered.
Tv anchor brought out a stick as he wanted to beat these panelist lost balance and toppled with chair in fear, only to realise later that he wasn't sitting in studio ,but in his own home.
Fool!  had he intended to hurt you , he would have used a rubber band!!

As the hour was finishing,all panelists disappeared and tv anchor got bigger like a ballon filled with air. He came closer to camera and camera man ran away. He did not flinch. He will see cameraman later, perhaps tomorrow- he made a mental note.
 Who will answer this question,he asked and I raised my hand like an enthusiastic student.
He did not ask me. Oh how glad I would have felt -standing up,answering and sitting down only to glance on both sides  to see how impressed classmates were!
 I did not feel great.class mates were not impressed as they were not there.It was irrelevant, as I was not given the chance to answer.

He answered himself.
It was a short answer.
He went away.
I was thrilled to see how only he had all the answers.
If country was satisfied, I could not know.

I flipped the channel to witness a phased out actor selling a wooden piece of a pious god symbol.
"it solves every problem and answers every questions", he went on to say.
I ordered one for my forthcoming exams.
I had the privilege to get an oil bottle for free as I had acted fast  and ordered. I would have had lost oil bottle,had I delayed it any further. A warning to this effect was repeatedly broadcasted by the actor.

That night,In my dream, tv anchor told me that I did good and he, himself, has the set of wooden piece and oil bottle.
Wooden piece in his studio.
Oil on his head.

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