Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Youth demands!!

A was obsessed with youth icons. Now I am not one of those who take "obsessed" word lightly. I don't mean to say that A was fond of youngsters, or was slightly likely to choose a young person for any job.He was simply obsessed with it! A had these statistics ready for reference - How many millions are between 20 to 25 , how many working professionals between 23 to 27 and so on.
A wanted india by the youth and for the youth. He used everyouth face pack and hoped that he would always be young and relevant in society, unlike those oldies,who were no good!!
But apparently, oldies were holding back the young Turks .They were not simply promoting turks to become their boss! They should !! Why not?? Isn't the younger, the better?
A wanted a system, where students should be given copies written by teachers, and they should be assessed by students. That assessment should be assessed by their juniors and thus, going down the line , at some point , a toddler would tell who passed!!
He believed that their could be no lowest age limit for liquor. "This is ridiculous",he said," If a person can come to a bar at this young age ,he deserves a drink rather free !! As a matter of fact, there should be ceiling for upper age! Who wants a drunk old man??"
So, when D got irritated with this obsession, he got in to a debate as to why youngsters can't demand old-sters to simply step down!
Seasons changed, news papers started selling front page for advertisement on daily basis and Rupee lost its all value.Centre  fresh stayed at one rupee price only, surprisingly.
Debate went so long that D died at some point, by natural causes of course. 

This made A realise, that he had grown old ! There came a C and told A that he was old and he could not hold this seat of debate winner.This was when A realised argument of D and said,"don't beg for this place; earn it . Earn it fast if you want to earn while you are young or beat it kid as I gave my life to be at this place, and I don't give a flying fuck to a young chap walking in with big words."
while all this was happening , I wonder what B was doing? But then, there is always a B, who is okay with all that goes, and he just passes by. Isn't it?

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