Saturday, September 28, 2013

Torn up and thrown away !!

I could not enjoy more than what I did , with the famous intervention of The congress Cesar Rahul with respect to the ordinance on representation act. Now those who were observing this from start are well aware how BJP took an about turn , keeping in mind the popular sentiment. Double speak ? Of course , but the little subtle. Even can be seen as political mastery, if you consider that they assured congress to bring it on  and dumped them when the time came. Kind of waiting till you take your clothes off, and then telling - sorry boss, no sex today , but I will click a pic and post on Facebook!!
But Rahul was different.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Convicted MP - Convicted public

An ordinance was braught in to avoid immediate sacking of any MP/MLA convicted of any serious crime and sentenced for more than two years . Now I agree with the move . It's simple survival instinct and what good a country is, if leaders don't know how to survive!
Stop crying . It's a dog eat mouse world and save your lofty sense of betrayals, you got a girlfriend for that . ( or boy friend )
Sadly though, such MPs won't be able to draw their salaries! That's a bummer. Who would want to work for free , leave alone being a member of parliament . It's a hard work. Sitting there on those old wooden things , with headphones supported by one hand or at times hanging like a beard making you  weird, listening to things that you don't get, and fighting for an ounce of silence: all that for no salary!! That  amounts to extortion , suppression , depression or any other sort of -" ession" that one can think of!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Memories.. ( short story)

There are these things, "Memories".
They are one surreal concept. Existing by their end , by their previous existence.
They are there because they are not there anymore . Keeping a part of Life ,breathing in breaths of someone.Living in ones life....Like a parasite.

 Kali walked , in oblivion to her pathetic life, around the dusty market of kamala chauk.  Every day.Every night.One could see her almost any time, if one wanted to. Small kids of the local had their story. They were convinced of her being a dark witch and would stop making noise, if their mothers threatened them with her name. She got her name by her sun burnt , muddy, dusty, and dirty dark skin. With her age touching half way to death , no one had a time to look at her carefully and see, a beauty corrupted by sun, dust , time, and memories.