Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Convicted MP - Convicted public

An ordinance was braught in to avoid immediate sacking of any MP/MLA convicted of any serious crime and sentenced for more than two years . Now I agree with the move . It's simple survival instinct and what good a country is, if leaders don't know how to survive!
Stop crying . It's a dog eat mouse world and save your lofty sense of betrayals, you got a girlfriend for that . ( or boy friend )
Sadly though, such MPs won't be able to draw their salaries! That's a bummer. Who would want to work for free , leave alone being a member of parliament . It's a hard work. Sitting there on those old wooden things , with headphones supported by one hand or at times hanging like a beard making you  weird, listening to things that you don't get, and fighting for an ounce of silence: all that for no salary!! That  amounts to extortion , suppression , depression or any other sort of -" ession" that one can think of!!

 My sympathies . God save their red lights. Thank god food security ordinance is there , to save them from starvation. 

But I am more worried about stupid people of this country!

People cry for justice here . I am shocked! Justice has been done , by taking their voting rights!!  See the crime has been done by people who elected the so called bad guys , and by taking their MP's voting rights and yet not allowing anyone else to represent them , the government has made sure that no such constituency  will get any actual representation. Doesn't vote of the elected MP theoretically implies vote of people of his constituency ? 
Such people should be punished and they got. Justice got served beautifully. On a silver platter with a butler to smile.
On a hypothetical note , if all the cases pending in U.P. are finished ,and sentences are given above two years, almost half the assembly might loose their voting power .. That might be a funny situation where the party with maximum elected MPs may come in minority and half the assembly can only thump tables till next elections. 

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