Saturday, September 28, 2013

Torn up and thrown away !!

I could not enjoy more than what I did , with the famous intervention of The congress Cesar Rahul with respect to the ordinance on representation act. Now those who were observing this from start are well aware how BJP took an about turn , keeping in mind the popular sentiment. Double speak ? Of course , but the little subtle. Even can be seen as political mastery, if you consider that they assured congress to bring it on  and dumped them when the time came. Kind of waiting till you take your clothes off, and then telling - sorry boss, no sex today , but I will click a pic and post on Facebook!!
But Rahul was different.
It's been a long time since he has been against the system, positioning himself as  an outsider, and out smarting mahatma Gandhi! Mahatma took responsibility, even as an outsider.But not our Gandhi.
More important was the manner in which the drama was carried out . The way he entered rolling up his sleeves was more like a Bollywood movie in action. He asked his fellow party man as to what was going on !! You bumped in with out that much knowledge !! How spontaneous! Thank god it was congress press conference at least .Phew..Also he asked  the spokesman ," what was your logic?". Oh my god !! Are you suggesting you had no idea as to what was congress party's logic on the ordinance?
As soon as he finished his angry statement , he stood up and ready to go ! What ?? Arnt you suppose to take questions ? Thank god he returned for two questions !!
Mean while in USA , Obama was meeting two such leaders  who were not at all in control of their country, and pretending his best that he was actually talking to people of means.
In the evening when Rahul returned to his home , he found a copy of bill in his dustbin. Mom told him , it was not the original but an explanatory guide for him to read, as the original had been sent to president . 
President has called up PM in USA and his call has been redirected to Sonia to Rahul to Vadra to Dig vijay to Lalu and from there, to Obama himself . Obama said "yo ! Common man , you gotta do what you gotta do, but think about trees too! Recycle man!!

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