Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rainy reminder..

It poured instead of raining, and traffic responded by standing still in Noida sector 60 making all the office- released hasty and horn-honking. Every shop and compound became shelters, and got crowded enough to hide their purpose. Smokers started smoking to bid the time rather romantically watching the rain and few hung up to their phones.Checking mails and checking time.

One guy, whose name could have been anything, stood there neck deep in thoughts, and head deep in the rain-less cloud of smoke rising from his mouth. He could be seen as seeing everything around, but with a lost sense of flicking the ash and slow exhales of smoke, he wasn't actually seeing anything. His mind was full of thoughts, too many to think one through. As if he wasn't thinking anything either.As if he wasn't there or anywhere precisely. He was just somewhere, some gloomy place that has kept him at an average low point of feeling.This was just as vague as a cold sense of strangeness that he and his wife shared from quite sometime, seldom resulting in an argument, but often in prolong silences. After seven years this was perhaps usual,he thought. Love marriage sucks, was another.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Capt Phillips: one among many untold stories..

Till now I was convinced that merchant mariners of cargo ships are invisible people.In a world where movies cover professions from media to Intelligence, time travellers to space travellers, writers to painters, engineers to doctors, ninja warriors to modern soldiers, stock traders to serial killers, add man to mad man, ghosts to wizards, perhaps all possible streams of life, one wing that remained nonexistent was of merchant mariners in cargo ships. These people cover the largest part of sea going trade and vessels,  and are largest part of seafarers in a group which also includes warships, fishermen, support vessels, and luxury liners. Somehow the majority is out of picture. They are perhaps the common man of high seas. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Allahabad airport

The quietness of Air Force cantonment is superimposing on the part-commercial part-defense airport in Allahabad. The vastness of the protected defense area makes the airport appear smaller than it actually is, which actually is very small. As you get over with the Air Force effect, the airport starts appearing more and more homely with every passing minute.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

one long time back

What do you do
When the day comes,
And you come to know
All the act, that you did for long.

It's better to know,
That you do care,
And  you do love
The One, who forgot
You a long back,
Like those waves
Hitting the shore,
For no reason;
But to make you fall,
But to make you feel
All that you know, 
And all that 
You feel 
And all that
You felt ...

One long time back.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

They think you are that stupid!!

During the passage of life you come across many who are completely convinced of you being an idiot. Now for most cases they are right, and so are you. But there has to be a limit of this assumption. One can't just think of other being "that" stupid, especially when one doesnt know any of the "alleged" stupids personally !
It's time we name them.
Here is my list of people who are convinced of us being the dumbest  ass around. They think we are "thaaaat" stupid!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

These talented kids !!

I hate kids showing off their talents, to put it bluntly. The other day a kid was just on and on, rambling all the geography that I don't know. How irritated was I with  all this shameless act of superiority. But is that enough for kids ? No !!
What about those guys cooking all the world, in that funny cooking show . God be damned , all I can cook is a bloody Maggie!! Then those idiots , dancing with all expressions and steps! Leave me alone, will you ! Do you know how much I have to drink before I can do a simple balle balle of Bhangra? 
And you , the little brats, singing on top of your voices! You are killing me , with all this talent and lack of mine. What the hell was I doing at that age? The biggest hurdle that I attempted to overcome was not to spill food on shirt, and not to appear in underwear when guests were dropping by! 
And even now , with this silly, useless blog, and an even more silly profession, I must confess, all this show off is ripping my soul, and my hair.
I am stuck in a world, where I can keep taking inspiration from all around. This is sickening! 
I need a show , where people of all ages can come and demonstrate just how stupid they are. I want to see a show intended to maximise the potential of one in having no talent whatsoever. Where a participant can come and show just how pathetic he can sing, and dance. He should demonstrate it by keeping silent and standing still. The lowest of the bench mark needs to be set for people like me to take a sigh of relief. 
Till that time , I hate you all, you super talented kids. One day I will be Spider Man, and guess whose ass is that I am not saving! 
What ? Super man was like super man even as a kid ?? Kill me!!!!