Sunday, October 20, 2013

Allahabad airport

The quietness of Air Force cantonment is superimposing on the part-commercial part-defense airport in Allahabad. The vastness of the protected defense area makes the airport appear smaller than it actually is, which actually is very small. As you get over with the Air Force effect, the airport starts appearing more and more homely with every passing minute.
It has a feel of a local grocery store in an era of a metal shinny super markets, giving you a false impression of belonging and understanding like the one with the small shop owner in stark contrast with the feel of stranger, when it comes to the well dressed big brand salesman. 
People are watching an old tv ( not flat, yet coloured), which is running a news channel. Coffee shop is outside with cigarettes available loose, but not in packets ( they don't keep big stock). 
Since it's Allahabad, few foreigners are always there in sadhu attire to make you rethink about your spiritual position.( although not as badly as the time when you see them in railway.) 
Everything is loose and easy. Everything is strangely at a distance with all the high tech colours that comes with capacity to fly. 
This is a place where you can be sure about your own mindset. If you find it weird you are a metropolitan, but if you are really comfortable, you are still a small town guy with a vilayati babu halo in your neighbourhood.
The experience of neatness mixed with the ease of atmosphere is what it should be in the overall feeling of tourism in such places, rich with heritage and spirituality. Unfortunately this is not the case. The chaos, the dust and crowd, the crooked behaviour ends it all for a laid-back tourist. God being the only tourism magnet, it won't be unfair to say the he is the sole tourism manager in such places. 
Often development starts with building a more modern airport. Won't it be nice to leave this feeling rather preserved, and bringing the entire city to same level. 
Selling an easy spiritual journey, with a clean Ganga, smooth roads, controlled dust and long spans of sandy banks, offering you god if you believe, and at least a cultural exhibition if you don't, but all in all a calmness and love, which I feel is spirituality. 

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