Saturday, October 5, 2013

They think you are that stupid!!

During the passage of life you come across many who are completely convinced of you being an idiot. Now for most cases they are right, and so are you. But there has to be a limit of this assumption. One can't just think of other being "that" stupid, especially when one doesnt know any of the "alleged" stupids personally !
It's time we name them.
Here is my list of people who are convinced of us being the dumbest  ass around. They think we are "thaaaat" stupid!!
Going from bottom to top -
5. World of beauty contest:  Though I wanted to take names instead of naming any group of people( and I will follow this ), beauty contests are just too thick of a group collectively assuming us super stupid, to take one name. They have, without any necessity, made it a point of lying and applauding when a white lie matches whiteness of contestant's smile. As random as it is, the whole drama is pretentiously focused on world peace and social welfare. Ohkk let's take one name, though it could have been anyone. 
Ok Navneet kaur ( miss India 2013).  As you know, during the rounds judges ask some questions to judge the brain thing ( ?) . There was one such question which a prominent newspaper reported as a "rather morbid" question. How sensitive!  In this morbid question, contestants were to tell  their greatest regret should they die the very next day ! Now , while all the pretty girls lied to various degrees, ranging from "no regret at all" to "missing the next mornings sunrise"(??) , our sweet Navneet went on to say that she will regret of not serving the society as much (she thinks) she wanted to !!! What???? If I am dying tomorrow and assuming I still can think, Welfare of society cant be even a passing thought , unless I am actually dying because of this society !
 ( this society is literally killing me, I wish I had done something for this madness! Bang .. Dead .. Uncle Regret also died with me.) 

But if I really think, I will regret many slaps that I dint deliver and many that I did receive. Surely I will regret points where I worked hard for future, which was not all that ..well ...long. And  most of all I would regret writing this post! But not our Navneet. With only regret of not serving people, she became mother cum miss India. Long life and well wishes..

4.Sagarika ghosh: Nearly all the news anchors think that we are stupid and don't know who their masters are. Though it's grossly unfair to pick one from a big media pool, one thing that sagarika ( of CNN IBN ) does , makes her a foot above the rest of perception managers ( read news anchors). As a completely bizzare technique, sagarika repeats the last sentence of every panelist, often twice!! She has to assume us full scale baboon to believe one of  these two things - One, that we can't hear the last sentence of anybody unless repeated twice .Two,  that we will be fooled to think that she is giving her condensed summary, and not what she actually is doing! ( which is , well, just repeating ! ) 
4. Idea and lays: though all advertisements and hence companies pray on collective stupidity ; I am putting these two on top of others not only because of the audacity of their conviction about us, but also the extremely irritating nature of their ads! 
 In "Lays" ad. when a trip to Ladakh gets cancelled, the saif and team jumps on a imaginary ride to Ladakh by having lays. This could have been ok, if they were shown actually singing and playing guitar.. But no , the music is in background!! They are just pretending to dance on a  imaginary music, and playing a hypothetical guitar!!! What is that?? 
if only you are into role play things with out any costume and auxiliaries! That may be spicy ..lays lays lays.
 As far as Idea ( telecom) is concerned, though they have tortured us with all the rubbish brainstorms of their company in form of ads, they have made it to this list because  of labelling all this crazy crap as an Idea that can change "our" life !! Be it "walk n talk " campaign or many alike. But last nail in this coffin was their 1 2 1 campaign! So your USP is having a customer care, and that will help us get over with the constant urge of visiting "idea showroom"! 
For what? To take a leak?? ( one ? Two ? No no one) 
mean if you would have talked about any recharge shop, it was still making sense, but showroom? Showing what? 

"Hey dude I just went to this showroom of this telephone operator na and saw all these radio waves. 
Cool!!! "

With top two spots still remaining , I will stop here. It has become a long post. You may be slightly stupid to read it, but I can't push you further without putting myself on the list ! 

Number one and two to come soon..lets keep our eyes open and find those who think we are thaaaaaaaat stupid .

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Courtesy : beautynhealth magazine.

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