Tuesday, October 1, 2013

These talented kids !!

I hate kids showing off their talents, to put it bluntly. The other day a kid was just on and on, rambling all the geography that I don't know. How irritated was I with  all this shameless act of superiority. But is that enough for kids ? No !!
What about those guys cooking all the world, in that funny cooking show . God be damned , all I can cook is a bloody Maggie!! Then those idiots , dancing with all expressions and steps! Leave me alone, will you ! Do you know how much I have to drink before I can do a simple balle balle of Bhangra? 
And you , the little brats, singing on top of your voices! You are killing me , with all this talent and lack of mine. What the hell was I doing at that age? The biggest hurdle that I attempted to overcome was not to spill food on shirt, and not to appear in underwear when guests were dropping by! 
And even now , with this silly, useless blog, and an even more silly profession, I must confess, all this show off is ripping my soul, and my hair.
I am stuck in a world, where I can keep taking inspiration from all around. This is sickening! 
I need a show , where people of all ages can come and demonstrate just how stupid they are. I want to see a show intended to maximise the potential of one in having no talent whatsoever. Where a participant can come and show just how pathetic he can sing, and dance. He should demonstrate it by keeping silent and standing still. The lowest of the bench mark needs to be set for people like me to take a sigh of relief. 
Till that time , I hate you all, you super talented kids. One day I will be Spider Man, and guess whose ass is that I am not saving! 
What ? Super man was like super man even as a kid ?? Kill me!!!!


  1. Ahhh..I hear you. Why is everyone around me so damn talented but just not ME :|

    This is so not fair

  2. Isn't it a darn ( hope you forgive my fake accent) .. Thanks for dropping comment .. It's so rare in this damn blog : bloody lack of talent ;)

  3. haha ! should I take this post as a sense of humor ? If yes, well call superman to the rescue (just kidding)

  4. Lol ... Or I can shift to another planet just like superman


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