Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sachin's Farewell, My speech.

Nation took a breather, when endless Modi-Rahul saga came to halt. It takes something really huge to stop this never ending debate, at times as much as a cyclone. And today it was Sachin.
(Cyclone,Mars Mission,Sachin- who have stopped this namo/raga in recent times )

 There is no other news today. Sachin has retired, and that is all that we can handle in one day. How badly I wanted him to join Rahul and Saurav, standing near boundary. That sight could have save my bleeding heart. How I always thought that they three look best together. Just as much as I always  loved a combo comic of Naagraj, Super Commondo Dhruv and Paramanu. That didn't occure. Alas!
His speech made a history with every passing word, and no wonder we wanted to hear more. We wanted to hear all about him.All that has been covered in so many sports shows and matches, and even more. What was he like in his previous life?
 I will seek Aranb today. he always knows, what we want to know.

How badly I wanted to give even a bigger speech, and let him know, how many sacrifices I have made "outside" those twenty two yards, in last 24 years. How nothing could ever come in between me and his cricket for all these years. How my brother, just like me, sacrificed his career for "His" game. How bloodthirsty we used to become, while playing on our terrace with eight rupee plastic ball, just to be Sachin. We all wanted to have our name Sachin while holding bat, and at times (though rarely) we had to play Sachin Vs Sachin. Though it was too ludicrous to do so frequently, and often we had to settle with Sachin VS Mark Waugh matches instead. We would never play Sachin Vs Saurav, as this could amount to treason.
I wanted to mention (in my speech) my parents and uncles/ aunts of neighbourhood as well. How my mother lost her sleeps, due to never stopping cricket fights. How my father lost all his temper, and himself batted upon us, just to bring us back to our sinking studies. How all uncles around similarly acted and punished their wards quite often, and shaping them in some finest engineers today. Above all how this unified the neighbourhood, with crying boys and  angry fathers, wooden hand painted MRF bats, and plastic balls in sewers.

But I will have to control myself. May be some other day I will give my speech. Today, its about Sachin only, and nothing can take focus away from our dear legend. Not me, not my important speech and, in no way, any stupid politics.

Cold Hearted

Stars are there, but not as many that I can't count. Mist is rising from cold hearted ground, and making yellow street lamps suspiciously smoking. Few dogs are keeping a watch, breaking the silences just enough to remind that they are my companion in a sleepless night. It's getting cold. Enough to pain my toes. Not enough, to numb them mercifully.

My cup of tea is warm like a childhood friend but gradually losing its warmth, like one would lose his patience in a silence like this.This morning had been a usual one, except that I was little late for work.Something had hit the auto when I was busy with my cell phone. A visibly angry man came out from his car and started showing off his skills with profanity. I saw my watch, I was getting late. Police man came by as it was hindering the traffic. With  efficiency of a private banker, he slapped twice the auto driver without delay, and asked him to clear the place. The angry man was still angry over his financial losses. Auto driver took the slaps in a motion as if they never occurred and stuck to his line, blaming the Angry man for the episode. Angry man slapped him again, and police man asked him to let it go. Some more profanity surfaced, referring to few mothers and sisters. I looked around for another auto. I was getting late.The episode ended with some more profanity, and auto driver resumed our journey. I caught his eyes, found them with little more water than twenty minutes ago, when I first saw him.

During lunch, I saw the message from the girl, I was dating from last month. She was getting married, and so conversations were concluding in nature from past three days.I replied, as appropriate. As I finished lunch, I lit a smoke when a colleague joined me. We discussed the upcoming presentation and profanity.For most he spoke. I responded verbally and nonverbally. Adequately.
As I was finishing for the evening, Boss came by. He looked happy with work (my?). I too reflected the same, and took leave.
Routine  Evening Activities.
Tea, Shower, Food, News, Business News, SMS/Phone in between.

Now I am here.On this terrace. Feeling cold for lack of better things to do, before it becomes appropriate to sleep.
But this one thing I do feel.
I feel cold, with a warm tea.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

children's day special

"Happy children's day, " I said to that irritating Monu, and offered him a cadbury. He took one, then he snatched the other. Without much thanks. I hated his guts.
Aavi came by, his elder cousin sister. She is in college, and she is pretty. One reason why I talk to this pain in grass Monu. I smiled at Aavi, and she returned it. I wished her Children's day playfully, and she asked me for chocolate. I hated Monu again."You snatched that one, you little weasel," I thought. 
I used some cool college words and phrases, that I had learnt 5 years back, and made an "unbreakable vow" to "treat" her at some other time. Aavi gave me a kittenish look, followed by a giggling laughter. I was satisfied by pleasing her with my theatrics. Monu was doing round and round with his football, with a strange hostile look, that he kept reserved for me.I couldn't care less.
Mini came out. She is elder to Aavi. Her parents chose to name her Mini, because they thought she was the only they would have. Mini is pretty, just like her sister and unlike her cousin brother. She is second reason why I talk to this chimp Monu. She is serene, graceful for her age and place, and all with a precious smile.She is out of college and these days home. Monu made some drama and called Aavi, leaving Mini and I alone. She had a book in hand, same that she had two days back, same which I had googled two days back, and read reviews and premises.We discussed a bit, and it went well. She seemed impressed; I was happy. I told her I would love to read it again (since I hadn't read it ever). She said, "Letmee finiish yar,"with a big smile. 
Twice happy, I moved out of compound, straight to the tea-smoke shop. Mission accomplished. 
Thanking the world for this children's day, I called up "chotu" for a chai and a goldfleck.

Vikram, Betaal and The Immunity Problem

As a routine exercise, Vikram got Betaal, the Dracula dude, hanging upside down from a tree doing his abs and said, "Okay bro, let's go."

Few days back, when it all started, Betaal was rather annoyed. Out of green this Vikram bloke had appeared, and tried to arrest him without any warrant. Betaal, the old potato, had never seen this kind nonsense since the end of emergency, but he had seen The Ghost Rider. He struck a deal with Vikram.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Mission Mars and Irritated Tiwari Ji

News came out of Indian mars mission, and Tiwari ji came out fuming like a dhoopbatti.
Couple of months back, Tiwari ji (among 78000 others) had opted for a scheme initiated by a Dutch based organisation , asking for volunteers who would like to leave mother earth to have a flat on father Mars. “A full new planet”, he had exclaimed with his sparkling eyes jumping out of his old pair of glasses. As he stood proud next to his small garden that he had cleverly crafted out from the invisible yet legal roadway, Tiwari Ji couldn't be happier to have a planet to capture.
But his happiness had come to an end, with a smug little satellite on its way to great Mars.