Wednesday, November 13, 2013

children's day special

"Happy children's day, " I said to that irritating Monu, and offered him a cadbury. He took one, then he snatched the other. Without much thanks. I hated his guts.
Aavi came by, his elder cousin sister. She is in college, and she is pretty. One reason why I talk to this pain in grass Monu. I smiled at Aavi, and she returned it. I wished her Children's day playfully, and she asked me for chocolate. I hated Monu again."You snatched that one, you little weasel," I thought. 
I used some cool college words and phrases, that I had learnt 5 years back, and made an "unbreakable vow" to "treat" her at some other time. Aavi gave me a kittenish look, followed by a giggling laughter. I was satisfied by pleasing her with my theatrics. Monu was doing round and round with his football, with a strange hostile look, that he kept reserved for me.I couldn't care less.
Mini came out. She is elder to Aavi. Her parents chose to name her Mini, because they thought she was the only they would have. Mini is pretty, just like her sister and unlike her cousin brother. She is second reason why I talk to this chimp Monu. She is serene, graceful for her age and place, and all with a precious smile.She is out of college and these days home. Monu made some drama and called Aavi, leaving Mini and I alone. She had a book in hand, same that she had two days back, same which I had googled two days back, and read reviews and premises.We discussed a bit, and it went well. She seemed impressed; I was happy. I told her I would love to read it again (since I hadn't read it ever). She said, "Letmee finiish yar,"with a big smile. 
Twice happy, I moved out of compound, straight to the tea-smoke shop. Mission accomplished. 
Thanking the world for this children's day, I called up "chotu" for a chai and a goldfleck.

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