Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cold Hearted

Stars are there, but not as many that I can't count. Mist is rising from cold hearted ground, and making yellow street lamps suspiciously smoking. Few dogs are keeping a watch, breaking the silences just enough to remind that they are my companion in a sleepless night. It's getting cold. Enough to pain my toes. Not enough, to numb them mercifully.

My cup of tea is warm like a childhood friend but gradually losing its warmth, like one would lose his patience in a silence like this.This morning had been a usual one, except that I was little late for work.Something had hit the auto when I was busy with my cell phone. A visibly angry man came out from his car and started showing off his skills with profanity. I saw my watch, I was getting late. Police man came by as it was hindering the traffic. With  efficiency of a private banker, he slapped twice the auto driver without delay, and asked him to clear the place. The angry man was still angry over his financial losses. Auto driver took the slaps in a motion as if they never occurred and stuck to his line, blaming the Angry man for the episode. Angry man slapped him again, and police man asked him to let it go. Some more profanity surfaced, referring to few mothers and sisters. I looked around for another auto. I was getting late.The episode ended with some more profanity, and auto driver resumed our journey. I caught his eyes, found them with little more water than twenty minutes ago, when I first saw him.

During lunch, I saw the message from the girl, I was dating from last month. She was getting married, and so conversations were concluding in nature from past three days.I replied, as appropriate. As I finished lunch, I lit a smoke when a colleague joined me. We discussed the upcoming presentation and profanity.For most he spoke. I responded verbally and nonverbally. Adequately.
As I was finishing for the evening, Boss came by. He looked happy with work (my?). I too reflected the same, and took leave.
Routine  Evening Activities.
Tea, Shower, Food, News, Business News, SMS/Phone in between.

Now I am here.On this terrace. Feeling cold for lack of better things to do, before it becomes appropriate to sleep.
But this one thing I do feel.
I feel cold, with a warm tea.

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