Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sachin's Farewell, My speech.

Nation took a breather, when endless Modi-Rahul saga came to halt. It takes something really huge to stop this never ending debate, at times as much as a cyclone. And today it was Sachin.
(Cyclone,Mars Mission,Sachin- who have stopped this namo/raga in recent times )

 There is no other news today. Sachin has retired, and that is all that we can handle in one day. How badly I wanted him to join Rahul and Saurav, standing near boundary. That sight could have save my bleeding heart. How I always thought that they three look best together. Just as much as I always  loved a combo comic of Naagraj, Super Commondo Dhruv and Paramanu. That didn't occure. Alas!
His speech made a history with every passing word, and no wonder we wanted to hear more. We wanted to hear all about him.All that has been covered in so many sports shows and matches, and even more. What was he like in his previous life?
 I will seek Aranb today. he always knows, what we want to know.

How badly I wanted to give even a bigger speech, and let him know, how many sacrifices I have made "outside" those twenty two yards, in last 24 years. How nothing could ever come in between me and his cricket for all these years. How my brother, just like me, sacrificed his career for "His" game. How bloodthirsty we used to become, while playing on our terrace with eight rupee plastic ball, just to be Sachin. We all wanted to have our name Sachin while holding bat, and at times (though rarely) we had to play Sachin Vs Sachin. Though it was too ludicrous to do so frequently, and often we had to settle with Sachin VS Mark Waugh matches instead. We would never play Sachin Vs Saurav, as this could amount to treason.
I wanted to mention (in my speech) my parents and uncles/ aunts of neighbourhood as well. How my mother lost her sleeps, due to never stopping cricket fights. How my father lost all his temper, and himself batted upon us, just to bring us back to our sinking studies. How all uncles around similarly acted and punished their wards quite often, and shaping them in some finest engineers today. Above all how this unified the neighbourhood, with crying boys and  angry fathers, wooden hand painted MRF bats, and plastic balls in sewers.

But I will have to control myself. May be some other day I will give my speech. Today, its about Sachin only, and nothing can take focus away from our dear legend. Not me, not my important speech and, in no way, any stupid politics.


  1. Ha ha. I have sacrificed several shopping expeditions as my husband was too busy watching Sachin on TV.( even the repeat telecast).

    1. Exactly .. I told you... We have to have speech of our sacrifices.. And Bharat ratna too ( have I gone too far!!)

  2. Lovely post, Subham! This current Indian team looks good but I don't think i will ever watch a cricket match with the same enthusiasm anymore.

  3. Yes, team is definitely very good.. But it have heard this sentiment from many.. Sachin was the last, keeping their interest alive .. Thanks for dropping comment :)

  4. How many dishes I have burnt an sacrifced just for his one game. :(

  5. That's so touching... How many dishes sacrificed their life for his game.... Thanks for stopping by :)


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