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The rug that tied the room together

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I would say it as casually as it gets. The big Lebowski is one movie, one thing, well a movie Of course, but there is something about this movie.. well, it's a movie that just fits into you.. If you are, the person of that heart. You may say, "Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man", and I have came across as an opinionated person at times, very "undude" of me, but this Lebowski fella, the dude, he is something to have an opinion about.

This movie, this lebowski that I talk about, it revolves around that Rug he had.
It's about the rug that he had, that really tied the room together. If you haven't watched this movie, all I can say is Go and watch!! Don't read further as you will say," what the fuck you are blathering about?"

This rug, that dude had, was "micturated upon", in case of a mistaken identity and this sparks off something which can only be termed as bizarre. Now dude, the way he was, could have ignored that rug if it was not for Walter who made it very clear that "this aggression will not stand man". You may wonder how this rug makes such a difference? But it can, in the world of the dude, who took so less from the world to keep his life together. 
You see, Walter had his life together by memories, be it his ex wife or more importantly Vietnam. Donny had  his good bowling ability. When he missed an 8 pointer, you could see the disappointment in his otherwise confused face, and very shortly, he died from heart attack( much in continuation). When we come to the nihilist pack, Oolie and gang, you notice that being a nihilist was "exhausting"; but they had their money plan. "Zchey needed zshom money, Lebowski!!" This kept them going all the way, like most of us: the money drive. When their plan shattered, it broke them along. Zhey Believed In Nothing else !!!
 Bunny, as termed by Maude was nympho, and perhaps her search for absolute freedom, financial or otherwise was one guiding thing in her life. ( she comes back, gets naked on the way and seems happy in our imagination, such a fee soul!). The pornographer Jackie treehorn had been obsessed with "Johnson " and  Maude was perhaps with vagina ( at least her art was). So much for sex to be the motivation. The big Lebowski was nothing if it was not for his vanity.As a very small character, The landlord of the dude was pretty much okay with rent, he had his art to keep him focused. A character as small as the aggressive police sheriff was dreaming only one thing, to keep his county good.

Everyone had one thing that was keeping their soul together. But what about our Dude?
Dude had been a lot in his life. From a vocal idealist to an artist, and a soul searching hippy, who, after long time of doing things here and there, had come to the only logical conclusion about life, which was-  " fuck it".   "Fucking A man". Floating in a life, living with as little attempts as possible, feeling all emotions but not letting any to keep his mind anymore bugged than it should, dude lives in this materialistic world with a heart of baby. What he had, perhaps could not make any sense, with "lots of ins and outs" and "friends like these". But he had this rug that did tie the room together. It was important. It was important, because he made it so. And if world is sitting there with a list of important things that one must care about, so as one can't be termed as a bum, then beat it bro. Dude won't play by your rules, he won't win by your rules, and won't loose by your rules. If its the Rug that tied the room together, then be it. Shouldn't he be allowed to keep this one thing clean and nice!!

We are not sure if he got any rug later (though I think dude won't care either), but then we don't know so many of the things.What we know is that he had his Johnson saved, and bowling lanes open. He would sure get a White Russian, and perhaps a Rug sometime else.

PS I did not cover Jesus Quintana in here..Nobody fucks With Jesus man! 


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