Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Youth demands!!

A was obsessed with youth icons. Now I am not one of those who take "obsessed" word lightly. I don't mean to say that A was fond of youngsters, or was slightly likely to choose a young person for any job.He was simply obsessed with it! A had these statistics ready for reference - How many millions are between 20 to 25 , how many working professionals between 23 to 27 and so on.
A wanted india by the youth and for the youth. He used everyouth face pack and hoped that he would always be young and relevant in society, unlike those oldies,who were no good!!
But apparently, oldies were holding back the young Turks .They were not simply promoting turks to become their boss! They should !! Why not?? Isn't the younger, the better?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Prime minister-Demo and Aandhi

The race is on.It's either Demo or Aandhi . They  are running for the top job of the country that I live in. Demo has been running long before he was spotted. He came running from his home to the track, where the race actually started! Aandhi is not running even now but he is walking on the track, some times even backwards. But he is part of race since he is on the track and, instead of not running , he is perceived, as running slow. At times when he is standing, people of means say that he is running with a decent speed of zero.

Demo has been demonised over the decade, as some say . Some say he was just an honest ticket holding passenger of a train. When train ran over some puppy at some point, he was sleeping on upper berth. He feels sad though .But people are not letting go!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Prime time news debate.

I was furious. My head was full of sounds. My room was full of sounds. My stomach was full of sounds. And every sound was being echoed in the tv anchor 's sky rocketing voice - Country needs an answer.
"It does", I thought.
I did not know that before but now I knew.
Like an opera singer , he kept touching higher notes and I kept getting boiled up. My teary eyes could see his, through the pair of glasses that he wore ( often rumoured that he is x man and if he removes his glasses, you will be burnt to death)
He shouted like an army trainer, like a college senior perhaps. He asked relentlessly , furiously. 
Panelist tried to give what they thought was the answer, but anchor was even more furious after every attempt.
Stupid fellows, that they are.
Some tried to look here and there.They wanted to copy the answer, I thought.