Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ask me new. ( hate speech against exams)

When you ask me a question, I feel happy to answer.Your curiosity is admirable,and your respect to my opinion is encouraging. However, the sacred covenant in the question-answer mode of conversation is that the person asking the question doesn't know the answer, or at least he is not so sure about it. This trust is paramount and breach of it results in frustration! 
This is precisely the reason why I hate examinations. 
Why do you ask me something you already know? 
You are giving me a complex calculation, and I waste my time to solve it. But later you pull out your model answer set and match my findings!!Above all, If any difference is found, you hail your answer correct!! What does that even mean? Why then did you even ask me the question you little piece of work ?

So much of time is being wasted in figuring out presolved problems. Any new answer amount to failure, and people talk of out of box thinking. Where is the respect for new ideas, new answers, new formulae, and new solutions?? Anything different and you are wrong! Where is the humane approach of treating the different with love and sensitivity and respect? 

What kind of example are we setting in examination halls? No one is interested in co-operation, even when all are haunted by exact same problem! This is when time is a constraint! Is this how we will respond to an alien attack? This is shameless enforcement of  Individualism and nothing else! 
Worse is that those who seek to co-operate are
 discouraged and punished, at times humiliated too!
What is the objective here? Do you want to test whether I know what you or a teacher taught me? Then test the teacher for god sake! He is the one who taught me! 
 If you are looking for checking my capacity as a student, you can't check it by asking questions. You have to give me a blank paper where I will write new questions! You try them, and see if you can answer them, and tell me an answer. If it's satisfactory, this was the question I had in mind, and you just told me the answer, now I have no further question. Subject is done.
 Should you fail to solve them, or the question doesn't make any sense, you must pass me  and send me for higher education so I figure out that question.
Above all, if I don't write any question on the subject matter, you must understand that I have no doubts what so ever, pass me my diploma or whatever and off you go. 

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