Thursday, April 30, 2015

The (wrong) reason of quake

In year 1934, Gandhi Ji missed physics Nobel by a nick. He postulated that earth quake( magnitude 8) in Bihar was nature's anger against Indian caste system. Mother Nature was really pissed. But it was not the last time when benevolence turned into  stupidity and insensitivity.
When scientists are still struggling to get an early warning of these quakes, leading activist Medha Patekar thinks that earth quake is a warning in itself! In her universe, Nepal earth quake is a warning to mankind against its interference with nature. Scientists, please stop adding an alarm bell to nature's alarm bell!You will degrade it into snooze mode!! 
Environmentalists like her spank industrial ass a thousand times, but do they ever thank a bulldozer which lifts the debris, and gives a chance to a resilient survivor to tell his tale? To hell with nature! Earth quakes are natural,our relief work is man made!! I admire environment warriors, but when all and everything that goes wrong is dumped upon human endeavours,I get jealous of dinosaurs. How much they must have interfered with nature to go completely extinct!

Evangelists are saying that it's an amazing chance to those who survived against all odds to chose new Gods. Slow clap. I won't find it rational to leave my god after he has just successfully saved me, but then religion is not a rational stuff, and I am not a believer. 
There are even such lunatics who think cow slaughter has inspired Mother Nature for man slaughter. I ran out for any smart comment here, but I will get back once I have taken my daily dose of cow urine!!

Why do people, who are otherwise intelligent, choose to humiliate victims of a tragedy?There are slabs of cement crushing breaths of children, while their parents may be crying outside begging for help! There are people who picked up more dead bodies then they could ever imagine! There are people who have lost everything in matter of seconds,perhaps even their will to move on!
Why do unaffected people need to explain reasons for earth quake in most stupid way possible!
If you think that earth quake was a "reaction", you are a being an  idiot of tectonic size. 

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