Monday, May 4, 2015

Super power of flying !!

This super power has really caught our imagination from time infinite, and we have successfully created so many air crafts for the same. It definitely was a super power as long as only birds were flying but, after so many air crafts occupying the space, we need to rethink. Does the power of flying come with a power of navigation, is one question. You can fly from roof to roof, keeping the landing place in sight( careful for electric wires), but that will hamper seriously your altitude of flying and distance you can travel. Plus you will remain a stone throwaway distance from land, making you seriously vulnerable to all those who may get irritated. ( One slap, and I have a dead mosquito !)
If you increase your altitude at medium heights, you will subject yourself to various extremities of a turbulent weather and also, how will you navigate! With out a chart and direction system, you will be utterly lost!! (Remember how fast your mobile lost signal when you were trying to send a last message after the plane took off? )
Needless to say that flying without radar will make you just what a bird is to an air craft. A sucker who collides with them and gets lives in danger!! That will make you a wtf super hero!
 High speed will demand radar, high altitude will demand temperature protection, drop in pressure will demand vacuum protection, and loss of sight will demand charts and compass together with a high skill training for air navigation, which will expose you well before you can take a first flight!  And don't argue that you will over come with all these handicaps with machines! You are asking for everything here other than an engine, which I suppose you yourself are.
What kind of superpower reduces you to being an engine! 
Finally, having just one power of flying with out anything else gets you in trouble for no reason. You may land up from nowhere in an awkward situation, but have no options to do anything after that! You can try and fly around, becoming witness to all crimes around you, and then testify in courts all across the country in life long cases.( provided all crimes are happening in open bars, as flying will not get you inside those closed power corridors! ) 
You will be a frequent flyer to courts anyways as your flying will break million rules, domestic and international. On a bad day you may find yourself facing a fighter plane, who not only can fly just as well (or better!), but also can guide a GPS missile to your ass! 

I will stay away from this power. All I need is a good plan to book a cheap ticket in advance, and a glass of wine if I am getting international !! 
I am leaving this power on a jet plane.....


  1. ROFL! Now whenever I will watch Superman flying, I will factor in this post. Good to read you after such a long gap. :)

    1. Thank you for dropping by.. :) yes really long gap it was

  2. Quite technical yet hysterical

  3. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.


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